Whether your company is in need of general warehousing, repackaging, material inspection or a full service order fulfillment system…Corporate Warehouse Services is your solution. In today’s fast paced business world, you need flexibility and quick response to satisfy your customers needs. Look to CWS for the answers you need.

CWS responds rapidly to customers orders while maintaining exacting records. Our team recognizes the importance of continued customer support and responds quickly to customer inquiries and complaints for immediate problem resolution.

The stakes in choosing the right inspection system for a particular operation include measurement throughout, repeatability, accuracy, cost, process control and traceability through operation simplification. CWS recognizes those needs. In turn CWS provides detailed work instructions, daily feedback, fast turnaround times and the necessary documentation for both customer and supplier process control.

Do you need:
Unstuffing or container stripping?
Receiving material in corrugated?
Need box skids built for shipping?
Customs Documentation?
Effort Documentation?

CWS can package, label, skid and prepare your material to ship anywhere. We can also repackage into returnable dunnage, build box skids and JIT to you.

CWS can track, unload and warehouse inbound over seas containers. Whether domestic or international, CWS can provide the documents and services you require.

In today’s fast-paced business world, you need flexibility and quick response to satisfy your customers needs. In Controlled Shipping Level I and II, CWS’s technical expertise can help meet these needs through inspection to get the situation under control quickly or having your supplier ship direct to CWS to contain and segregate suspect material to avoid valuable downtime.

A prototype is a minature version of the final application to be created. Through light assembly, you can better define an application’s features and narrow the customer’s needs. Even more important, building a smaller version of a program enables you to learn about the larger application in a shorter amount of time. Examples: wiring harnesses, rear view mirrors and various other sub assemblies.

3PL is the function by which the owner of goods outsources various elements of the supply chain to CWS so that we can perform the management function of your inbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution, and outbound freight to the customer. CWS can mangage your supply chain.
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