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Added Value In All We Do

We continually invest in technology, process improvement, and communication to ensure we exceed expectations with every service we provide. Below are details about our technology systems and specialty services throughout our operations.

Warehousing Technology

CWS utilizes the latest technology to provide real-time data with 24/7 access.

WMS Complete Tracking & Reporting

We understand inventory management and control is critical for success. Our cloud-based WMS provides the required information quickly, clearly, and with dependable accuracy. All of your inventory is scanned in, put away, and scanned out via a QR or bar code.  CWS can scan existing labeling or create new labels and apply them to your inventory to track and provide up-to-the-minute inventory, reporting, and document creation. Our WMS is programmed in-house and tailored to your application and specific requirements.

EDI Capabilities

Our electronic data interchange works seamlessly with your company’s electronic systems to ensure information is shared quickly and securely.

Quality Assurance Inspection

We know the stakes are high in choosing the right inspection system to measure repeatability, accuracy, cost, process control, and traceability to ensure operation simplification. CWS provides detailed work instructions, daily feedback, fast turnaround times, and the necessary documentation for customer and supplier process control.

Control Shipping Level I and II

(Third Party Inspection)
CWS brings technical expertise to controlled shipping levels I and II. We can help with inspection services and accept shipments from your supplier to contain and segregate suspect material awaiting inspection to avoid valuable downtime. Brokerage and freight forwarding services are available.